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very new to SP, and am trying to absorb the fundamentals asap.

I downloaded this very cool Iris generator at Substance Share, added it as an effect to a mask, but have no idea how to paint it on the model, Suzanne. I have a brush selected, but get the circle with diagonal red bar instead of
a brush stroke. 

Just need a little help to push the right button.


Here is a screenshot of the setup

"Effects cannot be painted" ....a little pop-up said in the viewport.

Just working with a single layer now, and am studying Substance Painter Tutorial – Fundamentals 12: Generators and Filters

Generators are substances that generate a mask or a material based on the mesh topology using the additional maps setup in the TextureSet Settings....Each generator has a set of parameters allowing you to fine-tune the resulting mask.
-Online Documentation

Making some progress...

Aaggghhh! =O

More "progress"....using a UV sphere from ZBrush (obj).

Getting interesting effects.....still not close to the eyeballs the generator is supposed to create.

One problem:  how to scale the effect to the size of the ball? I don't see any settings in the
generator or the material settings.

Still hoping someone will kindly give me a clue on how to use the generator.  :)

I just realized I started this thread in the wrong sub-forum!   :-[

Can a Mod please move it to Substance Painter Discussions or Support, whichever is appropriate?

Thanks!  ;)
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Normally you wouldn't really paint this on a model but just drop it in a mesh that has proper UVs. The iris generator creates a flat texture so to get a good result you would do a planar projection from the front ortographic view on your mesh (projection from view), you can do that in Blender. To scale the whole eye you can scale the UVs.

Thanks!  :)

I'll try that asap....will probably be a few hours.

hey, you have to do is to assign a different material for the eyes and make sure to make the UVs fit to the texture.

Thanks for the help!  :)

It sounds soooo easy, but is somehow not so for now. 

BUT, I know it will seem easy after I finally hit all the right buttons in the right order,
understand how SP works (e.g. "fill layers are not paintable"), understand masks & UVs better, and practice it over & over.   

Just takes time to learn a new app.  ;)

BTW, this is the latest try....I don't know how or what I did differently than the previous 10x,
but now the colors from the generator are working. Just need to adjust the size of the iris
to fit the eyeball.

Also, this other thread is very helpful.

At some point, I'm sure it will all be clear, and I will say, "A-ha!"  :)

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What you loaded is not a generator, despite his name on Substance Share. The goal of a generator in general is to create a dynamic and adaptive mask based on your mesh. What you want here is to add a fill layer or a fill effect and load the "iris" substance into it. This will unlock some scale and translate controls which will allow you to rescale the substance to match your UVs.

If you are confused by all of this, I recommend watching our tutorial :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

Thanks! for the information. :D

I'll be gone till Wednesday, and will work through as many of the Fundamental tutorials
as possible....thank you for providing them.....they are excellent quality & very helpful.

I hope to understand it better by then.  ;)

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