Author Topic: bold link & export as bitmaps  (Read 2822 times)

After long practiced MapZone, I test substance.
I watched all the tutorials several times.
I have two questions about items I may have missed.

Why some links between node are in bold?
I did not find in the doc, the link seems broken.

Currently, I export my png by right click on my graph
> Export as bitmap outputs
In some cases (when I use a noise Generator for example)
it does not export anything.

thank you in advance

The bold lines means that this part of the graph is using 16bits per channel images instead of 8 bits.
There is currently a bug where exporting 16 bits nodes as bitmaps in a 16 bits format fails. You can use 8bits formats such as TGA to bypass the issue (FXMaps are indeed using 16 bits).
The fix will be released with Substance 3.5 at the end of the month.

ok cool,
now I understand  :)

thank you very much

Im back
There is also a graphic bug with bold lines?
Because I've made ​​my own FXmap and their outputs lines aren't bold.
This is the same for the Instance output.
The bold line may appear also on the output levels node (make sense) or not.

Yes, only the noises shipped with the tool are using 16 bits by default, if you create your own fxmap, you will need to adjust it, under the output size parameter. Set the Output format to absolute and you will be able to set it to 16 bits.