Author Topic: The Beast - polycount contest  (Read 2627 times)

Hello to all! this is my entry in the contest:

base mesh made in lightwave, sculpted in zbrush, painted in substance painter, render in lightwave

here it is my wip thread:

greetings, David
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That's really nice!
Only thing that looks weird is the direction at which the creature is looking. Right now, my eyes tend to go to the left and out of the image because the creature looks there and he's the focal point. Maybe if you change his pose so he will look down at the knight it will work better.

thanks for your comment, I agree with you, at first there wasn't be a knight in the mountain, I sculpted the dragon in pose, and since was for a contest and I had very limited time, I leave it that way, I'm gonna try to fix this when I upgrade to a high poly version, this is low poly for the contest

greetings, David

realtime view

I love ancient creatures and this one looks really nice!
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the amount of detail you put in the skin is crazy! Awesome work :D