Author Topic: Yet another question about SP2 upgrade  (Read 4722 times)


I recently purchased SP in the past two weeks or so and was wondering if there are any plans to automatically upgrade customers who recently purchased SP. Typically, with software, there's a grace period for users who have purchased a previous version of software close to the release of the next major version.

Hey rockman,

You will automatically be upgraded to Substance Painter 2, don't worry.

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The free upgrades should happen next week.
If you don't have any license in 1 week, feel free to contact us at

In the meantime, you can use the free trial.

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I apologize for the resurrection but I searched and couldn't find a more appropriate thread. but since it's yet yet another question concerning the licence I think it's appropriate.

My question is:
Is the sp2 excluded from the "get definitive licenses"? Here is what I see :

I have access to the painter 2 through Downloads, but I was thinking about buying it and stopping the live account for a while (limiting budget)

Painter 2 will be available as a definitive license for Live users in November.