Author Topic: Why is this graph (From Substance Share) not working in Unity?  (Read 2461 times)

The attached substance, when brought into Unity, looks like the attached image.  It's modified from this:

I took out the warps, in case that was causing it, and added my own stuff (which doesn't cause problems on any other graph -- plus, just taking in the default from share into unity has the same issue).

Any idea what's going on?


Which version of Unity are you testing with ?

I'm on a trunk-based build and things appear fine to me (see attached screenshot). Did you apply some specific parameter values that do not give the expected results ? If so, could you please share a specific Unity project so that I can try to repro this locally ?

I also attach the cooked SBSAR from Designer so that you can try it in Unity.

Thanks in advance,

Are you still having trouble with it in Unity, and if so what version of Unity are you using?

Hey guys -- sorry, I haven't had a chance to go back to it yet.  I hope to soon!!