Author Topic: Need SetProduralText Function!!  (Read 3525 times)

i use substnace on Unity

i was not found ProceduralMaterial's Text input

(now, bool, color, enum, float, texture, vector...)

i want generate use dynamic text in Procedural Texture

example, 3d model's cloth texture,  printing player name and dynamic font use

like this game's link ( right character chest's string 철컹철컹)

allegorithmic has update this plan?

i wait update... and wait answer


There is no text text input in substances. Although we would like to implement this feature, there is no ETA.

Head of Product Management

thank for quick answer

if add on text input, will be very useful function

ex) procedural sign, picket, placard..
and procedural book.. and more Use of a human character case
implementable at substance designer

and i hope to enhance 'directional warp' node or new node 
like photoshop's Layer Style - bevel and emboss  more option...
( and outglow, innerglow option...)
it implementable dynamic texture make to do
sorry my bad english
again, thank for answer
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+1.  I work for an agency where we have ran across several use cases where we really needed this functionality.  Having to use render texture in Unity is a clunky work around.

+1, texture node with font input would be awesome for logos etc. Please haste this!!

+1 for a Text node.
Eventually, instead of being a new node, could be part of the SVG node.
Also, text properties should be exposed.