Author Topic: Displacement from Designer/Painter doesn't work in Vray  (Read 2215 times)

I kinda need an vray expert in this case I believe.  Or anyone who has successfully getting the displacement output to work in Vray

I've tried exporting the height channel for displacement(32bit exr) in vray from both Designer and Painter.  Inside Vray(maya) I  put my geo into a displacement group. Adding extra vray attributes (subdivision/displacement control/displacement quality).  But the render keeps either ballooned out or collapse on itself.

I wonder what have I done wrong during the export process or maybe my vray settings were wrong.
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I don't use the substance shader but prefer the vray standard shader.  I have a pretty good substance to vray process in maya but it's not 100% perfect - nearly though... I think substance viewport applies some reflection when you ask for none and vray is very sensitive at the low reflection ranges but other than that I've written a script which is a good starting point for going from substance to maya vray.  Then it's just fine tuning to your lighting and scale setup.
I'd be happy to share more if you're ok to test in your environment?

Thank you Rich, I'd like to test it out