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How was the car glass created and did the Iray renderer have to be tweaked?

Something like this ?

ok so you have to plug a white diffuse and in the material setting set the refraction to 1 and the indice of refraction to a value between 1 and 2 (depends of the current material)

Tell me if it works :)

Having trouble getting the hard outer edges.

Hey Vincent,

That looks awesome! I would love a bit more in-depth explanation on how your doing that, cuz I am derping it up some how...


Hey guys,

as Vincent already said you need to set the refraction and the IOR.
The IOR is set to 1.5 by default. If you need to change that value go to Materials -> Edit.
For me the IOR of 1.5 looked quite good for the default primitive objects.

Now you only need to get control over the refraction. Add an output and change its usage to 'refraction'. Feed a grey scale white solid colour into it and let Substance Designer compute the outputs.

Don't forget to change the renderer to iRay. It should look like Vincent's example now.

Best regards
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Ah cool now its working.

Thanks for all your help Fabian.


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