Author Topic: Having trouble creating seemingly easy patterns - Help appreciated  (Read 1614 times)

So I've been messing around with SD on and off for a few weeks now, followed some tutorials etc.
At the moment, my main goal is to create textures, which in theory could be produced in real world objects. I created quite a few, which come out quite well and do get the job done, but I'm having trouble actually creating some seemingly easy patterns - see image attached.

I get stuck every time I want shapes, images, whatever to intersect or overlap over there pre-defined square space. The results always have holes or empty spaces in them (see image 2).

I don't have a substance on me right now to show what I did, but essentially I tried FXMaps, generators, combining generators, combining FXMaps, transforming, etc, etc.

I would appreciate some guidance with this SO much, I just HAVE to be missing something really basic somewhere. 

Here is my result

package attached
Product Manager - Allegorithmic

Thank you Nicolas! That's the best kind of explanation, I would have never thought of building it up like that. It looks as if I'll be taking a very close look at the Tile Sampler node.

Thanks again!