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I get strange artefact's when import FBX mesh in SD. Here is examples:

First example is FBX import with this strange ugly black lines and second is OBJ load fine.What doing wrong here? Use Modo 501 to export in FBX.

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Did you export your fbx using fbx2013 or fbx2014 version?
Can you post your fbx mesh here please ?

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In Modo 501 i have two FBX exporter. First is called just Autodesk FBX. Second called Autodesk FBX 2006.11. I will send you the mesh fbx on PM.

I opened the fbx in 3ds max and I get the same result as in SD. So it looks like the fbx is badly exported by Modo.
As I'm not a Modo I can barely help you on this side but it's probably related to the object normal, do you have any options in the fbx exporter related to normal, tangent or stuff like that ?

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I check now Modo settings for FBX exporter and cant see anything like that related to normals or tangent. Truly Modo problem i see here. Thank you very much for your time for helping me.

Just to mention that i have also LightWave version 10 and the same fbx mesh import fine into LightWave without that nasty problem with normals and what surprise me well was when exported mesh in fbx from LightWave, linking in SD and everything was just perfect. Definitely problem with Modo 501 fbx exporter.