Author Topic: Getting my Substance Painter Textures in Cinema 4D correctly  (Read 9502 times)


I started to paint a car and got some pretty cool texture results.
Now after some research about the integration i didnt really managed to figure out how to use the plugin for Cinema 4d.
Is it possible to just transfer everything (hight/ roughness/ color/ matellic) to my cinema 4d untextured model and get it in the exact same result as in substance painter with the plugin or do i have to bake out the textures and try to figure out where to put all them on a cinema 4d material.. ?

Would be pretty cool to get some information about this

thanks :)

Hi l.riccardo,

You do not need to use the Substance Plugin for Cinema 4D with Substance Painter. You use the Plugin to import Substance Archive (sbsar) files from Substance Designer. You will need to export/bake the appropriate maps from Painter and then bind them to your Cinema 4D material.

Okay thats what i expected, thank you..

anyone here who has some experience with the values and settings?

- Base colour in the color Channel.

- I setted GGX in the reflectance channel with my roughness map.

- Metallic in the layer mask of reflectance with a black point contrast of .35 - .40

- Normal Map in Normal obvisouly

But the result is still very far away from the orginal substance painter physical renderer..

Would be cool if someone shares his experience or material build :)


in order to get a Metallic PBR workflow going, try the "Create Metallic Material" option.This will map the roughness and metallic outputs into the Reflectance channel of Cinema 4D's material. This will still not give you 100% the result, but it's a basis for tuning you material in Cinema 4D.

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thanks block, what do you mean by "Create Metallic Material" option? I coudnt find it on Cinema? Or is it something in Substance Painter?

Did you install the Substance Plugin in Cinema 4D?
There you have that option in the Substance Asset Manager.

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