Author Topic: Substance Painter/Designer vs Quixel Suite 2  (Read 6708 times)

Hi all

First of all I don't want to make any commercial thing for Quixel Suite 2. I just want to know your opinion on new Quxel Suite 2 vs Substance Painter and Designer.
This is my opinion on Quixel Suite 2
I tried it yesterday and I was little bit disappointed. I used DDO and NDO before I start using Substance software. But right know for me DDO is very slow and not intuitive compare to Painter, for me is Desigenr and Painter integration big plus, because I can make my own materials and generators for Painter. Also painting in DDO Painter is weird for me, some time it works ok, some times not and also it still some loading stuff popup because i change something.
I dotn say that QS2 is bad, maybe somebody will like it, but for me Desigenr and Panter wins this round :)
Thanks sharing your opinion on tihs.

I've used Quixel for almost a year, but the terrible performance and the bugs, oh man, the bugs, alongside the general lack of apparent control over the materials (or general intuitiveness) finally got to me. I was eagerly awaiting the 2.0 update, but its still the same buggy software it's always been.

That pushed me to purchasing Substance Designer + Painter. And I've got to say, I'm very impressed and excited to get to know the software better. I feel like I have much more control over the materials with Substance.