Author Topic: Create materials from object materials?  (Read 1359 times)


How do I create substances from the materials of an imported object? I have a largeish environment with multiple materials as fbx and I would like to have matching substances generated (using object material diffuse color as a base) and assigned automatically to the model in the SD viewport. I guess this must be possible somehow?

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You should render a color ID map in your modelling app. Once you've got the color ID map you can import it into Substance Designer as a bitmap and easily divvy it up into different materials using the 'Material selector node'.

You would just need to import the mesh/FBX file to preview the materials on your objects.

I just found out that you can render a color ID map in Substance, thanks to Wes, it's very easy.

Setup your colors matching to the different color IDs in Max then export the mesh as an FBX.
Once you've imported the mesh in Substance you can RMB the mesh and go to bake model information.
From here you can render out a Color ID map, possibly the easiest way to generate one in my opinion!

Thanks, but this won't work as the model doesn't have (and probably will not have) UV coordinates.

In my case I would like to open a mesh and have empty materials created to match those on the mesh. In addition I would like to have a triplanar node that could be used without UV coordinates as a rough preview tool.

Susbtances generate textures, and therefore do need UVs on your meshes to work.