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I need to produce this material.
This is very common im surprised it doesn't exist in the library

Suggestions and example if possible please.
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The basic structure is seams pretty similar to what Jeremie suggestend to use in your other thread (,567.0.html).
So a good start would be to use the tile generator with a good luminace variation. From there you could make a heighmap out of it which leads you to a normalmap and AO map.
An easy way would now be to lay a nice tiling stone texture underneath from or the image ressource site of your choice and get additional details for your normalmap out of it. Try to keep the maps very sharp so your stone looks not muddy and soft.

If you want it fully procedural it will become a lot more complicated. Then you should go ahead and analyse the structure of the stone material you like to achive in detail. Try to isolate the different noise patterns and replicate them with the SD noise generators in combination with the warp, transform, sharpen, blur and so on  seperatly. Experiment.
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Yeah that's my old thread, lol.
I'm waiting still for some examples to see how its setup.

Why don't you try to build it how we suggested and show us the result?
I mean what kind of examples do you want?
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The game I am working on.

I would like to see the order of how to place the nodes. 8)

To me it seams like you need more general knowledge on how the different nodes work and when to use which. For that I suggest to do the tutorials from Allegorithmic.
Other then that I find SD very easy to learn by just experimenting and trying things out. Just try how far you can come and then show the result to get critique and advise on it.
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The game I am working on.

Lol, if you understand what Jeremie explained in the stacked wood thread, can you please fill me in?

"Sure, use the Tile Generator, adjust the settings to have a pattern that looks like a parquet, then choose the Square in Pattern Type, and bring the Luminance Variation param to the max.

Use the result as a height map to create a normal and AO for example, then slap a wood texture on top of it and you're done :)

You pretty much have it right.
Maybe have a little less disorder in the tiles, and use the tile pattern directly in a normal map filter instead of going through the B2M filter.
Also, use that tile pattern in an Ambient Occlusion filter (in Effects in the library), blending that with your diffuse will look great."

You should try to understand how to use the different nodes and instances.
The Normal to Height Node is used wrong as it needs a tangent space normalmap as input and gives you a heighmap as output. You need to go the other way around and use the standart "Normal" node to get a normalmap out of a heightmap. Also it seems like you try to blend the AO map with your heighmap/normalmap wich makes no sense. Normally you would multiply you Diffuse map with the AO map at the very end of your graph to darken the deeper areas where less light shines on it.

Using the result as opacity input on an existing diffuse map makes also no sense at all. I suggest to take a step back and learn what the different nodes are used for and for that do some of the tutorials and try to "reverse engineer" the Substances from your libary. Also read about waht different texture types like AO, normalmap, heightmap etc. are used for. The wiki is a good place for that.
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The game I am working on.

Thanks for your suggestion Xazas.
I tried to understand what Jeremie explained, I guess my lack of knowledge makes it very hard for me to place all the nodes in the correct order.

Could you be so kind as to briefly tell me which node and how to connect them if you don't mind. ;D
I would greatly appreciate if you could :)

As you can see with the graph here below, this is all i could make out of what you explained and what i understood from your last post.

Thanks for the this great site you suggested "The wiki"
Great :)

Could you please post a small example here?
Been waiting a long time for it.

Here is a simple example.

Product Manager - Allegorithmic

Thankyou so much Nicolas, very much appreciated :)

Here is the results.
Thanks again Nicolas