Author Topic: A custom scatter node for Substance Painter  (Read 3768 times)

I'd like to (somehow) create a scatter node which ensures the objects scattered do not overlap and that uses a black and white texture or mask to change the size of the scattered objects/textures.

So i'm wondering, if I could create this, how you can use this in substance painter? Could I paint the size driver dynamically? Or would I need to export the mask as a texture, reimport and plug into the input of the scatter node?

Could this only be possible (dynamically) if generator layers themselves could have their own mask inputs(or perhaps multiple)?

The effect I'm going for is perhaps similar to the way octopus suckers shrink in size as they get closer to the narrow tip of a tenticle. (And yes, I know I could paint it manually! :) )

Is this something you could achieve with the Tile Sampler? It has an inputs for the shape you want to repeat, as well as inputs for scale, rotation, color and displacement. By using a gradient in the scale map, you could control the size of suckers along the length of your output. You can expose the 'scale map multiplier' parameter, so when you bring the substance in to Painter you can control the scaling there too.

Thanks GFX. That's very helpful. Got a simple scatter generator into painter. Needs some tweaking but I have a starting point!

But I think it highlights - that once a substance is in substance painter - the only way to connect to the size variation port is with an already created/generated texture. (Unless I missed something)

I think Substance Painter needs to offer something where a parameter of a generator (or effect) can be connected to a "live" painted (or generated) layer/mask. I think it would open up a completely new level of control over substances.