Author Topic: A few SD 5.2 Shader Issues  (Read 1592 times)

Hi guys,

Just wanted to post a few bugs found in 5.2 pbr shaders.

1 - This one is pretty big for us although maybe not a big deal to other pipelines -
     -- if both basecolor output and diffuse output exist, shader will always prefer basecolor.  So when we switch from Roughness/Metallic to Spec/Gloss it will load all of the spec/gloss outputs except for diffuse.  It will continue to use basecolor.  I can right click the diffuse output to manually load it into the diffuse slot, but for a few specific workflows in our pipeline, that technique creates some issues.

2.  This one is less critical for us but the tessellation shader doesn't tile the height map at the same rate as the other maps when tiling. 

I created a video to hopefully make all this easier to understand:

Oh - and I almost forgot - this one isn't a bug - but any chance of getting a batchtool command for screenshots?  We're putting the batch tools to work but one of the things we'd love is to batch some screenshots on the new iray system in 5.3!
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Hi Arvin,

Thanks for the report, here are the fixed shaders for both bugs until we release the next update.

but any chance of getting a batchtool command for screenshots?
not planned for the moment, sorry ;)

Product Manager - Allegorithmic

:D  Thanks Nicolas!!!  You're awesome man!