Author Topic: iClone purchase shows as no product for Live upgrade  (Read 1551 times)

First of all, I'm a total noob. I have iClone 6 and bought the integration for Substance Designer. I also bought the materials pack that included about 200 items. I spend more time buying and updating programs than actually using them.

What I can't figure out is how to use those materials in the stand alone version of Designer or take advantage of the Live aspect to get new items and have my purchases recognized. It seems silly to pay $20/month to get access to stuff I've already purchased in order to own stuff I already paid for.

I do have a license key but it doesn't seem to show up as a viable Live upgrade product that might provide a discount for getting new materials for my unused collection.

A glitch or my stupidity. Just thought I'd mention it if it might help others in the same boat.


Please send us an email on the contact form, with the license key (xxx.key), and we will add it to your account.
The $20 per months are in you want to purchase Substance Painter and Bitmap2Material 3 to complete your software suite. This has nothing to do with the 200 materials you got when you purchased iClone..

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Well I did find the extra substances but they seem to only show up under the PBR materials main tab and not within their respective categories like Metal and whatnot.

I just need to figure out how to organize them a bit better I guess.

Thanks. I'll do as you suggest.