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I was working on a substance in designer and had a bunch of parameters exposed. I could tweak them, change description and the rest fine. As I continued I noticed that all of them suddenly went missing from the Input Parameters tab in the graphs settings. The other parameters in other graphs also now suffer from the same issue. As far as I am aware I did not change anything that should make this happen. Even stranger the parameters are still acting as exposed both in the node and also visible and useable when I use the substance outside of designer (e.g Unity).

It appears there is a problem with just the viewing and editing within designer as they don't show up in the parameters drop down list. As I set up multiple parameters fully, if possible I would rather not clear them from the node and re expose them, especially as it still technically works. New exposes do not appear to show either anyway.

Any advice?

Thank you

This reminds me an old bug that has (or should) have been fixed.
What version are you using ?
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Hmm, your right it was that simple, turns out during switching between unity and designer I must have opened a phantom version of substance 4. Didn't realise I had it installed. Opened in Designer 5 and uninstalled Designer 4 and its shortcuts to avoid confusion. All seems fine now.

Thanks :)