Author Topic: Substance Designer 5 plugin for 3dsmax?  (Read 5844 times)

I'm amazed I was not able to find any mention of this. But neither Substance 4 or 5 files work in 3dsmax 2013. Is there an updated plugin available somewhere?



Could you please provide us with more information about what happen?

In 3ds Max 2013 you should be able to use Substances (best way is to use the Slate material editor) created in Substance Designer 4/5. However, some new engine features (introduced in Substance Designer 5) are not compatible (as gradient dynamic, pixel processor, distance nodes or some blending modes).

In Substance Designer, before publishing your sbsar, you can check if your graph use new features by highlighting them (Preferences -> Projects -> Compatibility Mode: Substance Engine v4).

In 3ds Max (in case it is a substance rendering problem), you have the possibility to switch the substance engine (CPU or GPU) by selecting your Substance node and going in "Global Substance Settings": you'll have the possibility to switch between the software/hardware rendering (just restart 3ds Max to get it changed).
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Hi, thanks for your reply,

Having paid to upgrade to SD5 for it's funky new features. I'd like to be able to use them. Do you not plan on releasing an updated plugin for Max?


As Substance engine is embedded in 3ds Max (natively), the engine is dependent of the year/version of 3ds Max.
3ds Max 2013 was published before new features of SD 5 exists that's why it's not possible to have a perfect compatibility match.

You still can export your textures as bitmaps from SD5/Substance Player if you don't need to keep them dynamic in 3ds Max.

Last solution (I can't recommend as it's a 'hack' :) ) would be to replace manually the engine dll of 3ds Max by those delivered with SD5 and use the SSE 2 engine in 3dsMax("Software Rendering").
Replace "substance_linker.dll" and "substance_sse2_blend.dll" in 3dsMax folder by those available in SD5 folder.

Hope it helps.
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