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Getting Started with Substance Painter

In this series, you will learn how to use Substance Painter.

Software: Substance Painter 1
Version: 1.x

Prerequisites: Understanding of a 3D application.


Source files:
Project Files

Final Tutorial Project created from videos

decal_text from video 10

*This video series has been replaced with the Texturing for Beginners Series
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Thanks for this introductory tutorial on Substance Painter. This is being very helpful although somethings have changed on version 1.5.
I just want to add that on video #3, in order to use the ID pass we select the fill layer's mask and we add a Color Selection effect. This automatically selects the Body_id pass and now we just need to pick the stitches color.
I just wanted to add this information so those who are starting, like me, can follow along without losing too much time trying to find the updated way of doing this.

Fyi in Youtube "Playlist does not exist"

Fyi in Youtube "Playlist does not exist"

Thanks for the heads up. I'm sorry for this issue. I replaced the link. This is an older series so its been replaced by the Texturing for Beginner Series. The videos for this course are still on our youtube channel.

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videos doesnt have fbx file as well as having baking issues - no id file for bake. i found some  fbx file on internet but bake doesn't complete. you have ready file with all complete but i want to get results myself - purpose of this video

If there is a complete file, simply pull in the file and delete all layers for each texture set, so you're starting with a blank slate. You can even export the mesh as OBJ and pull it in to a new project.

When I import lantern.fbx, there's just one item in the texture set list. But in the tutorial video, there're multiple items. I was wondering where I have done wrong.

Have you checked to see if "Convert UDIMs to Texture Sets" is active when you import the object? If so, turn that off, chaught me out at first.


  I'm very new to Substance Painter but been working in 3d/VFX for a long time. When I get to the section of video 3 where we add a BW Spots map to a height layer.. nothing happens for me, and if I display the height layer I get a checkerboard? I tried updating to the latest version 2018.3.2 but I still have the same problem. Any help is much appreciated.. I've ground to a halt with my Substance education!

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Images Attached.

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Hah! Ok.

I just realized I was creating a 'Paint' Layer not a 'Fill' Layer.. crisis averted.

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Kia ora

Watching video 3 and your masking. Can I use the same trick with say smart materials for a Dark-age Fantasy like look for armour made up of say bronze copper and leathers

Be a nice 3a video to see a sample of how you might do that, or is that out side your comfort zone <Smile> gven the way you LIKE to work :D

In my version of demo, I didn't find MG Dirt, I have only Dirt. The result it's different. Any idea for downloaded this assets.
Thank you for the feed back.

That's a very cool help, thanks a lot. :)

Can you help me here please,27999.0.html

Is just that you are using tools in the course than I have not in my substance painter interface; as you can guess realtive new around substance word.


Hi, I'm seeing a something odd in the lantern model base when at the 'Creating the base paint material', basically seeing textures applied only to a portion of the geometry... any ideas on this? Thanks


I just started with the Painter and installed the version 2018.3.3. This version seems to be slightly different as the one in the video. As an example, there is no "MG Dirt" Generator anymore, but a "Dirt" one.I assume, it is the same, however I am getting a different result:

I dont see any difference of the settings. Am I doing something wrong or is this a difference between the two versions?

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