Author Topic: Paint on inputs of a SBSAR  (Read 10314 times)

Hi Fabian,

ok, now I understand how to set it up. Why is this so complicated!? Is this really so rarely used? (Or is it just me being quite new to substance painter? ;) )

I think I have a bug to report in relation to this: When I create a substance in designer and define a usage in "integration attributes", I can then not plug the input in another node afterwards. I have to remove the usage, plug the node in and then redefine the usage. When the input node is already plugged in somewhere, its usage can be changed without a problem. Is there a place to submit bugs somewhere?

Hey walk_on_sky,

you can submit bugs in the Product Support forum section or directly in Substance by going to Help -> Report bug

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Ok, I'll do that.
Thanks again for your continued support!