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Thanks! Indeed, first it will export a FBX file, then import it in Substance Painter.
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it first exports as an fbx
Okay, thanks.  So compatible with engines like unity. Thanks for clearing that up. :)  When you save the edited .fbx in in sp, does it save it in the same folder that the .max object was in or in an sp folder somewhere?

The script will automatically export a fbx file (at the location specified in "Export path") from 3ds Max, you can choose the same location that you .max file if needed. Then, if you need to use the mesh in Unity, you can use this fbx (and textures exported from Substance Painter).
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I discover this topic so i repost my question:

In my production, we used a lot the little script for sending an object from Max to Substance Painter, it's very useful and thank you for that !
Unfortunately, in Substance Painter it's no way (to my knowledge) to change the Default Template in the creation of a Painter File. We worked on Vray and it's easier to work in pbr-spec-gloss for the textures. With your MaxScript, the Substance Painter load the object in the template metal-roughness, by default, and without the possibility to change that.
There is a command line for loading the good template in spec-gloss on maxScript ? Or simply to give the possibility in the preferences of Substance Painter to select a template by default ? Like this, the script load the FBX object directly in spec-gloss template.

Thanks for your response and your work ;)

Hi, thanks for the feedback :) Indeed, you can't modify the template once the document is created.

A good way to use the PBR Spec-Gloss workflow by default would be to use a Substance Painter document template.
If you create a simple .spp file (for example use a plane as mesh and the PBR Spec-Gloss template), you'll then have the possibility to use it in the script.
You just have to specify the path in "Use existing spp file (optional)". The option "Replace existing Substance Painter document" can help to solve some copy issues as it's highly based on windows user permissions.


On a side note (not a workaround, just additional information) it's also possible to work in Metallic/Roughness and then export in "PBR SpecGloss from MetalRough" if needed (but I can understand it's not necessary what you want).
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Thanks for your response!

It's great, i created a .spp file with a simple object in the good template and i change with a checkbox for choose or not to work in pbr-spec-gloss. It's worked good!

Thanks a lot ;)

Thanks, could there be similar Script for Cinema 4D?

As I know a plugin called MaxToC4d works fine as a bridge between 3ds Max and C4d, the .fbx model with nice materials transported.

So now I imagine if there a shortcut for 3dsMax to Substance Painter <---> MaxToC4d?

Hi, the most effective pipeline would be to have a "C4D to Substance Painter" bridge, however we don't have any technical artist that uses it at Allegorithmic, and as this one was done during "free time",  I'm afraid it's not planned for now.
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I do not know why, but when I trying to export objects to substance my Normal map does not appear
and i am sure that Normal maps assigned in "Bump/Normal bump"
p.s. my 3ds max version is 2017 + sp1

Thanks for the feedback!
Indeed it's something that was recently modified in Substance Painter (the normal map import naming convention), I need to modify the bridge in order to get something correct.
It's not related to 3ds Max, just a simple modification to do in the script (just need to find a moment to do this, I'll keep you updated :) ).
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I just uploaded a fixed version (1.2) in the first post that should solve the issue (quickly fixed/tested but it should be ok  :) ).
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now it works fine, thanks

How would your plugin handle additional FBX custom attributes?

Hi, it uses 3ds Max FBX exporter (not a specific one) so you have the same features/limitations (spinner/sliders support, not buttons, etc.).
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I am at a studio & don't have admin privileges. I had our IT guy come over & type in his password so I could run the script. It worked great with max in admin mode, but as soon as I closed that max and opened up a regular max the substance button was not there. Is there a way to run this without admin? Thanks!