Author Topic: Substance Crashes when opening file explorer  (Read 6572 times)

Hi I have been using substance painter since beta and never had any problems. Recently I got a new computer and have tired loading it up to do some texturing but whenever I do something that opens the file explorer it crashes eg file>new>select>(Crashes as file explorer opens) and it does this whenever i do an action that opens the files explore however if i click file>recent it will load in a file without any problems. I even tired substance designer and the same error occurs when i do any action that opens the file explorer. I really hoping threre is a fix for this soon as its keeping my work form progressing.

If it happens in both software it means it's more related to the open file dialog itself that with our software, as Substance Designer and Substance Painter rely on the operating system to handle this window.

What software do you have installed on your computer ? It could be an issue related to the mouse right-click menu for example, where some software sometimes add itself as shortcuts (for example do you have dropbox ?).

Does it happens in other software such as Autodesk Maya, Blender and so on ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Hi I have Maya and unreal engine installed. I do have dropbox installed as well. Should I uninstall it or is there a workaround

Were you ever able to find a solution or workaround for this?  I just bought a Substance Live subscription, and I'm having the same issue with all 3 programs.  Just opening the file explorer window to point to the license key crashes the program for me.  I don't have dropbox or anything out of the ordinary installed, and went through Task Manager and shut down as many unnecessary background processes that I could.  Still crashes every single time.

Grabbed a shell extension manager and just started disabling things until I found the offender.  Turns out it was a couple of icon overlay handlers that are part of the Alien Respawn package that comes factory installed on Alienware machines:

DBROverlayIconBackuped.DBROverlayIconBackuped Class
DBROverlayIconNotBackuped.DBROverlayIconNotBackuped Class

I shut those two down, and all three programs started working for me.  Guessing this would be a problem for anybody using an Alienware machine that hasn't uninstalled Respawn.

Thanks for posting the solution.

hi, i have the same problem, on an Alienware machine. Can you explain how or point me to a link how to disable icon overlay handlers? thanks

I guess the simplest solution would be to uninstall AlienRespawn.
Other than that, there are several shell extension managers available, but I have never used any of them so I can't offer any help or recommand any in particular.

hi, i have the same problem, on an Alienware machine. Can you explain how or point me to a link how to disable icon overlay handlers? thanks

I used ShellExView from NirSoft.  It's a free download.  Just run the program, click on Option > Filter By Extension Type and select just Icon Overlay handler.  You should see the two entries for Alien Respawn.  Select both and click the red button to disable them.