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Hi all,
I'm new to Substance Live and I just installed it yesterday.
The first questions I have is the folder structure.
By default it seems that the the programs (Designer, Painter and B2M) create default folders in my Documents under Allegorithmic. Now as I fired up Painter it creates by default a new, duplicate folder under my Documents, not in the Allegorithmic folder. Is there something I can change to make it live under the Allegorithmic folder with others and not creating a new one every time I open Painter?  :o

Other question I have is about the the monthly drops or any additional substance materials I want to add - where do these go so I can access them from Designer and Painter?

Hey tpykalaniemi,

unfortunately, you can't change the default Folder destination at the moment in Substance Painter.
To add your own substances, or third party SBSAR files to Substance Painter:
go to '...\Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\materials' and drop them there.

In Substance Designer you need to add the Location of your substance files to the Library in the Preferences.
There are beginner Videos on the Allegorithmic YouTube Channel.

Best Regards
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Thanks Fabian for reply,
Is there a reason why I get duplicate folders by default?
                                        \Substance Designer
                                        \Substance Painter

And then when I open Substance Painter it creates:
...\Documents\Substance Painter

I can't find a way to change this in Substance Painter preferences.

Hey tpykalaniemi,

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the '...\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter' Folder.
The 'Documents\Substance Painter' Folder is much more important, because you place the stuff in there which you want to appear in the Shelf.
It could be that Substance Painter by default creates the '...\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter' Folder because it uses this folder somehow. On Windows, though, there is no such duplicated folders.

To make sure this is no serious problem, I will ask an developer about this for you.

Best Regards
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Thanks for helping me out with this Fabian!

Looking into this further I've found out that I have exactly the same data in three different locations:

/Users/.../Documents/Substance Painter/shelf
/Users/.../Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/shelf

All of them are roughly the same size 316MB.

Maybe two these could be deleted to avoid unnecessary clutter?

I will do a clean install and see what I've done during the installation process and if the situation remains.