Author Topic: First weapon using Substance Live questions.  (Read 3261 times)

I got my weapon modeled both high and low and the UV's are done. I want to use both SD and SP to build the Materials for UE4. I have been studying Substance now for a few weeks on my days off and I think Im finally ready to start.
 1) Does the bake by sub mesh work? or should I resort to exploding the mesh?
2) What maps do you all bake in MAX or Maya before taking it into substance? Or can I bake all in Substance?
3) Any other tips or pointers for first timer would be appreciated.


Hey Chuck_3,

baking by sub meshes should work, yes.
You can bake 'all' the maps in Substance Designer/Painter, depending on what maps you want to get.
Maps like a curvature, normal or depth map is possible plus a lot more ;)

My advise to you: Just start somehow and learn it by using it. Don't feel bad when the first few tries doesn't work as you expected: You always learn with every step forward and after a couple of tries you're into it before noticing.

Best regards
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Hey Fabian thanks for your reply!
Awesome that's great news I don't have to explode the mesh :) and I can bake all maps in Substance. Saves a lot of time in the long run.
Going to make sure my naming convention and Material ID's are correct  and then Im diving in head first.

My first asset almost done. Im having a small problem. If you look on the butstock of the gun and where the leather sling would attach you will see two flat head screws and the plate has wood grain on it. So no problem I go to paint it and it paints fine but the normal -height from the wood grain is still there. So how do I remove the height for just that area. Also when I molded that area was floating GEO.

Hey chuck_3,

you choose the height channel from the layer stack and change its blending mode on that layer to 'replace'.

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Thank You sir! That fixed it.