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Thanks for the update. I've been checking every day since SD5!

However I'm having a strange issue with some of my substances. They appear distorted for some reason?

Edit: A couple of other things....

I have two very similar substances. One of them outputs the emissive as color (expected) while the other is grayscale  for some reason.
Additionally, I have a color image input which I can't provide a texture for in UE4 (drag and drop of texture highlights red).


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Hi dann.rees,

You need to make sure you are using substance image inputs, and not unreal textures. When importing your jpg/tga into UE4 you want to make sure the file dropdown says "Substance Image Input"

As to the grayscale issue, if you still have issues with it we can take a look at the sbsar file also

Thanks for your reply.

Any ideas why parts of the substance are distorted? The blue lines on the original attached image should be straight (example below). The same waviness is evident on the normal map also? As well as missing elements (the dots).

I've attached the sbar. The waviness is evident on both "Wall" substances.
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Interesting. I loaded up your substance with substance designer 5 and I see the wavy lines. Is this substance using Substance Designer 4, or 5 ?

I'm using Substance Designer 5 (latest version). If I open the sbar in SD5 it appears fine. Just no in UE4. But you say it's wavy for you in SD?
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Hey guys,

in Substance Designer 5 (.0.3) & Substance Player the .SBSAR file works just fine for me. UE 4 is wavy.

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I have reproduced it on my end.

If you change the engine to SSE2 in Substance Designer, it will show up wavy. DX10 is straight. UE4 right now uses the SSE2 engine only so keep that in mind. I will pass this information along to our engine team though.

Would you be able to email the SBS file to ? We will want to examine the node graph. Thanks!
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Thanks for the info. I just emailed your the sbs :)