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I'm trying to reproduce this "Marble" effect and I can't figure out how to do it.
I tried to search on internet for a tutorial, but I didn't found any tutorial about how to make this marble.
As a reference, I want something like:

I ask you, Please, if you want to help me to achieve this effect!


What could work for you is this: Place a clouds noise, add a directional warp behind it, feed in the cloud noise in both slots of the directional warp and play with the settings until you are happy with the way the noise looks, place a levels node behind it and move the middle level around to get the contrast to look similar to the marble.

If you swap noises and play with the settings a bit, im sure youll get a interesting marble in no time :).

Käy Vriend, thank you for your help!
I tried what you said, but I can't achieve the marble effect like in first image or the second image.
What I've created is more like a dirt. Can someone give me an SBS example?

Hey webmaster_5,

using Käy's approach I achieved this (screenshot).
It still needs a lots of tweaking, but it's a start.

I used a Clouds 1 fed into both Input pins of a Directional Warp. The Warp is quite high with a value of 500.
Blending that into a few cracks (also with a directional warp) it comes out quite good I think.

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Hey Fabian, that looks pretty good! ;)

Fabian F., thank you a lot!
At last I succeeded to make this marble effect.
Thank you all!

Hey guys,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad to help :)

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No problem :D

No problem :D

You shouldn't be forgotten, of course ;)

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Hi again,
I just want to show you the final material that I wanted to create.
We didn't have much time and I forgot about this material, but today I wanted to finish this job.
And of course, thank you again for your help!

Wow. This looks very convincing. Nice work!

That looks neat! You could blend a faint noise into the last node before the colour ouput to prevent the pure blue areas from occuring. That might make it just a little bit more realistic.

Käy Vriend, thanks for your suggestion.
I don't really understand, but you to tell me that it looks too perfect and need a little bit of imperfection and wear. Now, I hope it seems to be more realistic.

can you guys post your substance file, it would be nice to see exactly how you got that.