Author Topic: Substance Designer -> Substance Player Crash OS X 10.8  (Read 3102 times)


I've recently been testing the Substance Designer 3.2 software on Mac OS X 10.8 and seem to be encountering a crash fairly often when previewing Substances from the Preview Button that launches Substance Player. This seems to occur despite complexity in the graph and regardless of whether its using external resources (imported bitmaps). I've attached the error log from the most recent crash. Does anyone know if there are any issues in using substance designer on OS X, or on 10.8 specifically?


We are not aware of any specific problems with Mac OSX 10.8, I am personally using SD with it.

We will investigate the crash thanks to your log.

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After investigation, it seems the crash comes from the OpenGL engine. We fixed a bug about it lately, so it should work in the next release.

Could you switch to SSE2 Engine in the Player in the mean time?
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