Author Topic: Painting on a layer with a Fill Effect not working?  (Read 2579 times)

I've been mulling over tutorials and came across this one:

I set it to start at the spot that I'm about to talk about. Basically it goes over adding a fill effect to a standard layer and plugging in a grunge texture into the roughness slot. This is supposed to give you the option to fill the layer using the effect, but still paint over it because it's a standard layer and not an actual fill layer.

I followed everything in this video exactly up until the point where he switched the channels to roughness and started painting on the layer. Whenever I try to paint on it nothing happens (As if the layer is locked like a normal fill layer would be). Anyone else run into this?

EDIT: Issue seems to no longer occur after a restart. Thread can be removed!
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I think Wes made a little mistake in his video when explaining the fill effect in the part you mentioned. The fill effect happens after the painting. So for example you paint on a regular layer, then add a fill, the fill will draw over your strokes.

In you case I guess you forgot to change the blending mode of the fill effect, by default it's in "normal" mode for the base color, this means it overwrite everything on the layer attached to it. In his video, Wes is using the "lighten" mode I believe. Note that as for the layers, fill effects have a blending mode per channel.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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