Author Topic: Baking Bug?  (Read 3090 times)

EDIT: Fixed in Build 647
I open the Bake Textures Dialog

Click "None" - Clears All Checked Maps
Check say...Thickness
"Bake Textures" button stays Disabled

ok..let's try it this way..

Click "All" - Now everything is Checked, and "Bake Textures" button is enabled
Uncheck Every thing except Thickness
Click on "Bake Textures"
It bakes and replaces EVERY map no matter what is checked.


What am I missing, seems completely broken.

again 2 issues..
1. Clicking "None" disables the "Bake Textures" button, even if you check a map to be baked.
2. After clicking "All" and unchecking maps you don't still bakes and replaces them.

*Steam Version on Win 7 64-bit (1.3.0 build 645)


Also not a big issue, maybe it's by design...but Shadows don't work with the pix or toon shader.
*Don't care, just reporting it if they should be working

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Just coming in to confirm this bug.

Regardless of whether you choose a single map or all; it bakes/re-bakes all maps.

i reported this in the discussion forums, but Im seeing the same issue with baking maps, you cant select which maps to bake.  Always bakes all the maps no matter what is selected.

Can you guys confirm me the build number ? Is it 645 or 646 ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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It´s Build - also the only one currently available in my download section.


same mine is 645 and the only version available in the download section

Bug fixed, build 0647, awesome thanks ;)

Yup, this bug is fixed in build

thank you very much for such a quick fix  8)