Author Topic: Painter 1.3 is awesome!  (Read 3182 times)

 ;D Loving painter 1.3!! :-* :-*

Tri-planar projection just made my day! wooooot!
I was so hoping it would be in this update, and it is!  8)

Baking in SP is very awesome too + the smart materials and the enhanced layer effects and all the new goodies

here's an extra kiss  :-*
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Have you tried the Baking yet?

I'm seeing this problem with baking:

Yup, it re-bakes all maps regardless.
I hadn't tried to bake a single map yet. That doesn't make it completely broken though since it still bakes. They just need to fix the option to bake specific maps

Very nice day again, thank you Allegorithmic !
I am watching new tutorials .
actually ,have nothing meaningful to say !

Agreed this is the best update yet, the baking works very quickly certainly faster than it was in Substance Designer 4 from my feeling at least. The File lock issue on the Mac is fixed, so happy about that. And the new layer stack is going to be amazing, once I transition my old substance way of working.

So happy guys you did a hugging great job. :)
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Just played around with the new update with the art crew at work, all of us are impressed.  The baking speeds and smart materials are incredible.  Great work guys!

+1 on the improved baking speed - that´s just amazing stuff. Another personal favorite of mine is the revamped layer filters/generators/fill/etc. Am using that for 80 % of my texturing workflow already. Well done by the people at Allegorithmic.



Now Painter is like I wanted it to be before 1.0 heheehehe ;)

Tri-planar is great (finally) and the smart materials seem to be veeery powerful!!!

Nice stuff!!! Now, when UDIM support is also donw - well then all my needs regarding a 3D painting apps are fullfilled :)


great..greater... substance painter !  ;D

step by step painter gets the best texturing software on market!