Author Topic: Edge Detect Issues  (Read 1223 times)

Hey, i tried following along one of the new SD5 video guide on the Edge Detect node, but the node barely picks up any tiles at all when just using luminance contrast as a way for the node to understand the borders between tiles.  Even creating a manual gap doesn't effect it much unless it's wide.  The Bevel node however is fine and can pick up those details.  Any suggestions as to why this might be happening?

I just tried the the same thing and the node didn't appear to work at all.

I tried switching engine from SSE2 to OpenGL GLSL and it works perfectly :)

So it must be a bug with the SSE2 engine?

Thanks for replying, i didn't realise you could even switch engine.  Switching the engine, deleting and re-adding the mode fixed the issue :D

Glad to help :)
I thought I was feeding the node the wrong sort of information the first time I used it, until I watched the video and realised it was broken.
I’ve sent a bug report.