Author Topic: Where are the backups?  (Read 18659 times)

Hi, Substance Designer just crashed and I would like to load the backup that was made. According to the settings in preferences it should make a backup every 5 minutes and it should keep up to 6 versions.
But where can I find them?

You should have a .autosave folder in the same folder as your substance file which contains all autosave files.

Hi Jeremie,
Thanks. I found the directory, but it was hidden. That is why I could not find it, not even with Spotlight (Mac-OSX).
I think it would be a good idea to point that out in the documentation. Just mention that there is a directory .autosave hidden in the directory where the substance is saved. Perhaps it is different on a Windows-system. 

Indeed, I will add it in the documentation.
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I too just found it looked every where. Why is it a hidden folder in the first place it makes no sense change the name to autosave and not .autosave
I suspect a lot of users have a huge folder structure growing on the projects they aren't aware of.

Please fix this it is really a bad design and a pain as it is different for each project. Thanks.
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I just started my first substance material and the program crashed. i thought there would be a recovery file or an autosave since it says it is enabled. where can i find my recent work? i did not save it i thought it would at least auto save. can anyone help with a solution?

Hey reservedforreed,

I'm not 100% sure with that but I'm afraid that Substance Designer doesn't autosave your graph until you've saved it at least once.

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Great! wasted 3 hours. ah well try again tomorrow. please consider recovery files.

Just had the same problem.. computer decided to restart while idle and i did not save the file i was working on for several hours. Why is there no warning window that informs you that the project is not saved? Or is there and didn't i see it?:)