Author Topic: Layers are slow to respond only when old  (Read 643 times)

I am frequently running into this problem, even on my new computer. So it's persisted across machines.

I am doing something incredibly simple, One layer on the bottom, one on top for "shading" purposes, when I paint many times on the layer's alpha over a long time it slowly becomes. . less and less responsive. Making a new layer on top is free from this lag.

I don't see any options to turn off history, restarting doesn't help much. It now takes 10 minutes maybe to load this layer, I tried making a new layer and pasting the same alpha in and it's still very slow. I haven't a clue what causes this.

You can load the file up and then select the alpha you want to work on and it'll take many minutes to "load" and start responding to brush strokes.

Please help, it's strange not many seem to have trouble with this but me :O