Author Topic: Problem in baking help ( Substance Painter )  (Read 668 times)

Hello , I am using Substance painter and I am having a problem in baking this simple stupid model , Its not perfect neither it pretends to be, but I could bake it fine earlier in the morning, then I changed something in the uv , updated and now whenever the rendering gets to baking AO it gets stuck forever and I have to cntrl alt canc and quit the application ... Oh I am using Substance painter to bake it, and it works fine with other items even more complex and with more polygons, so why this now is not working? Can someone help me checking the files and tell me what could it be wrong that makes the AO stuck?

I repeat that it rendered quicklyand fine earlier in the morning ... :(:( ... I am loosing my brain on this for the whole day now :(.

Thankyou for any help!

I did a quick bake and it works fine on the latest version of Painter.

You might want to include your log file then.
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