Author Topic: Auto Save?! And more (at least 2 other idea)  (Read 1228 times)

Guess the title is talking by himself?! ^^
Got some crash with Alchemis and I realize that there is no autosave. Well as all the soft have that feature now I kinda lost the ctrl+S reflex...  ;D

For the other idea:

1. I was wondering if it could be possible to have brush setting available like alpha and stamp, as example, when we use the clone patch, or the painted mask system for blending two material etc?!

2. What about a right clic contextual menu that allow us to modify the size of the brush without having to go on the top on the 2d view at each time or a Ctrl+ mouse (like in painter)  ?!

3. Could it be possible to have a way to draw straight line with constaint like the Shit+ mouse left in painter?!

BTW about the Shift+ mouse left, it possible to avoid that shortcut to behave like the Alt+ Mouse Left?! Because Shift+Mouse left also reset the clone patch mask in the 2D view?! I lost a bunch of work that way as I was moving in the 2D view with Alt+middle click and a bad move with shift+ Mouse Left did the same as Alt+mouse left did, reset everything and move the source?!
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