Author Topic: Do I need multiple tile samplers in graph to expose differnt rotation of pattern  (Read 815 times)


Thanks in advance for help on the use of the tile sampler.  I have a pattern of (4) rotated shapes and instead of using the transform etc..., I thought the better node with more flexibility and easy scaling would be the tile sampler?  I have inserted each pattern and working on them individually does not seem to work exactly.  the (1) video I found I see the tile sampler in multiple to get patterns correctly. 

Please advise, if the method is to use multiple tile patterns to get these (4) shapes in place can be done with (1) tile sampler, or if I need more? 

Please see attached showing the 4 shapes plugged in to pattern 1 through 4.  Again, not sure if I need more tile samplers to get the Complete pattern?


I would first combine the 4 rotated shapes into 1 piece so you can then tile that more easily with the tile generator.
Something like this.

If you put that group of 4 into a tile generator and set the offset to 0.5 and play with the scale I think you should be able to tile it.


Will do!

Thank you!