Author Topic: Workflow with Photoshop  (Read 608 times)

Reading old threads, it seems that you can export easily from Substance to photoshop, but there is no easy way to transfer changes / layers from photoshop back to Substance Painter, correct?

If so, what would a workflow look like?

- export all layers to photoshop
- work on these in photoshop
- export a new png combining all the above changes
- import back into Substance & work on as a new base layer or something?

- or maybe instead is an easy way to export to Photoshop for some final touches / global adjustments before using in game engine?

I am struggling to see how it fits in at the moment.

Considering you cannot export layers to Photoshop and bring them back in as layers you're forced to save out a bitmap from Photoshop and slot it into a Fill Layer in Painter.
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