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Having some pretty serious pixilation issues when baking maps in Substance Painter 2021.1.0 (7.1.0)

The process is as follows.

1. Create my high poly and low poly in blender, applied modifiers etc.
2. Checked for unmerged verts, internal faces, non manifold geo, flipped normals etc.
2. Applied scale, rotation, transform to both high and low poly.
3. Ensured high and low poly are both at some coordinates in Blender, origin point same for each.
4. UV mapped the low poly. This is done with Blenders seams, a basic unwrap, then taken into Rizom to tweak, sort texel density, pack etc.
- Texel density is to to be 10.24 (also tried 20.48).
5. Checked model scale. Model is about X 1.55m  Y 0.5m  Z 0.7m in Blender
6. Exported both high and low poly as a separate .fbx
- "Selected Objects" ticked.
- _low suffix for low
- _high suffix for high
7. New SP project,
- PRB Metallic Roughness
- Document resolution: 2048 x 2048
8. Baked.
- Resolution (output size): 2048 x 2048,
- Dilation width 1
- Picked high poly mesh
- Max frontal distance: 0.01
- Max rear distance: 0.01

Keeping getting the same horrible pixilation. I am aware I will likely need mesh name matching at some point as my model has many meshes within the object. Also will at some point need ID maps, but don't think either of these relate to the pixilation issue.

I have tried creating a 8k texture and baking the maps at 4k, splitting the UV across multiple UV maps, Full AA, playing with dilation, diffusion.

This issue occurs with Normal, AO, Curvature, Thickness.

Thanks all!

It looks like your density is too low on faces you're baking those details onto. Without seeing the meshes I cannot be sure but you can test this by taking those faces where that detail is and putting them onto another UV tile and scaling it up to see if the issue is still there.

I fixed a few problems like this for others yesterday, 100% texel density related.

Thanks for the assistance. As far as I can tell this is not the issue, though I am pretty inexperienced so could be misunderstanding. Models attached if its useful.

I separated out part of my model and made it pretty small. The model is a largish weapon, the piece I separated out is about the size of 0.14m, or one of the default UE4 characters finger. Have done this with the high poly and low poly.

However this still leads to pixilation, though certainly reduced.

Also to note, if I just paint on the model there is no pixilation, only in the baking doe it occur.

A little lost.
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The mesh you provided above is only a single piece so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to help you with the issue as per your screenshot.

This is what I get baking as is with your provided mesh:


Apologies, thought I had uploaded and low and high of that part. Full low and high poly at link below.