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Hi everyone!

I'm currently texturing an asset in Substance Painter. When I work in the soft, everything is fine. My UVs (UDIMs) are all working smooth, and I don't have any problem. It looks like this:

However, when I export the textures, some of the UVs are suddenly missing. Actually, not really missing, but the basecolor appears to be exported as a pitch black texture, when it should not. The same UDIM as pictured on the previous image looks like this post-export:

It results in black parts on my mesh when comes the lookdev. I've been trying different types of exports, different formats, to rebuild my scene from scratch and reprojecting the textures on a new mesh. The mesh itself does not seem to have double faces and/or reversed normals. I don't understand what's happening and the deadline for this project is coming fast, so any help would be more than welcomed!  :(

Thanks a lot in advance, and have a good day!!

UPDATE: It seems that it's working when exporting in 1K, but not when exporting in 4K.
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Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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