Author Topic: UDIM Curvature Baking 2020  (Read 682 times)

Hello everyone,
Just upgraded Subtance Painter to v2020
It's cool to finally be able to really work on UDIMs just can't figure it out with curvature bake.

I use the new generate from mesh wich for sure give better results, to bake UDIMs documentation says to get rid of auto tone map per UV tile wich seems logic.
The fact is with value, even when tweeking them final result looks very dark and white, lot of details lost.

So or i get seems on curvature, or i get very contrasted curvature wich is not very usable.
Happened on 2projects I have done, one character and one on my ground texturing.

If u got any tips to get threw this, can't find anything about it in 2020

Thanks for time and attention,