Author Topic: Failed To Open Project 2021.1.0 (7.1.0) build 804  (Read 599 times)

[Project management] Failed to open project 'C:/Users/####/Desktop/####/####.spp'

This is an unrecoverable error as far as I can tell - the entire project is lost.

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Maybe reach out to support with a copy of the .spp.

In future you always want to make individual saves every (x) minutes or after a substantial change to avoid future issues where your project is lost due to corruption or another issue.
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The project in question IS the iterative save meant to protect against this exact type of failure.

My concern is not knowing what precipitated the corruption, particularly given that the project file was behaving as expected the last time it was opened - what happened during that intervening period in which the project was not accessed that it became corrupted? or, did the project file become corrupted as a result of the save operation when the project was last closed.

I have noticed that Substance Painter will sometimes crash, hang, or stall out when Substance Painter windows are moved between monitors in a dual monitor display - perhaps that is related.

You wont get an answer in the community as nobody here can analyze your project file other than Adobe.

I've been using Painter for years and not once has a project been corrupted, and some people have had it happen and those I've spoken too had it when Painter stop responding, or crashed during a save.

I also move my Painter window throughout different display, zero issue. Maybe Adobe can answer you if you provide them your .spp file to see why it wont open.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)