Author Topic: Are smart masks still efficient ?  (Read 462 times)

On a very basic cube, I applied a first material 'car solid paint' and, over it, a second material 'rust fine'.
As I want the rust only be visible on the edge of the cube, I used the smart mask 'edge rust' to manage the way the material 'rust fine' recovers the material 'car solid paint'. Very classic.

But the result is quite different from what could be obtained in previous versions of SP. See the edges on the picture below : only a few benefit from the desired effect

In detail, the mask generated by the 'smart mask' only covers four faces of the cube (instead of six as the UVW development shows it)

For those who would like to explore the issue further, see files at!ApXRYIL4PqiQ9g2f8Fh0vG8fJO38?e=cE6buN

Any suggestion ?


I've just received this answer by SP'staff :
On simple cube, the curvature in Painter can give strange result with default behavior. The mask you are trying to use does use the curvature.
You can rebake the curvature and increase the "sampling radius" value, to correct the issue :)

I did a test. It works !