Author Topic: Please feel free to brick your motherboard  (Read 611 times)

So Adobe recommends, to solve the problem of Painter crashing when baking textures, to simply to update the BIOS.

"This is related to multi-threaded computations. Many Motherboard constructors have issued new BIOS updates to fix this issue, so we recommend applying the update. Refer to the Motherboard manual and constructor website for more information."

Riiiiight. That's not gonna happen. Even if I had a personal IT department, and even if I hadn't migrated from Mac last year (finding myself bewildered at all the crap the Windows environment expects you to do just to achieve basic functionality), I'm not going mess with something that could result in a very dead mobo. Other options?

I've attached a log from my last inevitable crash--if I survive the night without taking a fork to this PC, I'm hoping to get a response to this while I still have hair (at my age, the clock is ticking). Thanks.