Author Topic: Can i export Sbsar File without Source from Multicrop Nodes  (Read 936 times)

Hey folks!

i got maybe a silly question, please be kind :)
can i export a graph with a multicrop node as an sbsar file for use in substance painter as material and tell substance designer to make a realy cropped version of the bitmap and just save that cropped version into the sbsar file?

of course i could compute output as bitmaps and but them into new graph but doing this might be slower than photoshop-actions for cropping...

i want to crop out just a little part of a facial scan and it makes no sense to export a 200mb file with a 8k texture set included in sbsar for 1k resolution output.

i hope i was able to explain my issue in correct, understandable way :)

Thank you for reading and maybe for helping :)



No, this is not possible. You'll have to "bake" manually the node result and reimport it into your graph.
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