Author Topic: How Do I Fix Stretching and Sharp Edges on Mesh? (Maya + ZBrush +Substance)  (Read 409 times)

Hi, all.

I'm new to Substance Painter. For my second project, a handle, I am getting bad stretching around the top of the handle when the high poly sculpted model from ZBrush is baked onto the low poly model. Plus, there is a lot of weird, dark shading occurring on the model. Does anyone know why my model looks so wonky? What are the possible solutions?

I will include a gallery of additional screenshots containing the model in different programs and my workflow and a .zip file that contains .fbx and .spp files for closer examination.

Gallery: here

.ZIP file link: here

Thank you for your help.
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The objects are microscopic in size (4mm height), you need to scale them up. Also, you need to create good vertex normals (smoothing groups) for the lowres object.

The lowres object also needs to match the highres object better. If you just eyeball this, you will get baking artifacts in unwanted places (like on the last screenshot, where you see clearly that the indentations in the lowres object are shifted from the indentations in the highres object). For best results, snap the lowres vertices onto the surface of the highres object (shrink wrap).
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Thank you so much for your help. Everything you suggested worked like a charm.