Author Topic: Crash upon first action  (Read 575 times)


I've been having the same issue every time I attempt to use Painter. I can import an obj, assign a material and change the projection to tri-planar, but as soon as I try to use any option with a slider or the 3d manipulation gizmo, Painter crashes.

I recently, on the program's advice, performed the steps listed here: so it could have something to do with that? My delays are set to the recommended amount, but could that be too short?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Having the exact same issue. Expanded the cache, did a fresh install, even went back to a prior version to test.

Please both attach a log file. See :
Your problem may be related to this driver issue :,35908.0.html
but in the absence of a log and of information about your hardware and drivers , it is difficult to know with certitude if that is the problem.

When will it be solved? I cant work in any way on substance, I understand is not your direct fault but it just happens with this software.