Author Topic: SD crashes while baking AO with High Settings  (Read 3188 times)

Every time I try to bake Ambient Occlusion map with very high settings SD crashes. I tried DX 9, 10 and SSE2 rendering engine but nothing works.

SD crashed after I get the following notification,

I am on the following configuration:
Geforce GT 750m with 320.49 WHQL
Windows 8 64bit
Steam version.

I have attached the model that I am trying to bake.

Update : I managed to bake the map using Medium settings. But, why High/Very high doesn't work?
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High and very high actually produces almost the same result as medium.
The high and very high modes stall the video drivers for too long and unfortunately NVidia automatically resets its drivers when it happens, thinking something crashed. Hopefully we will find a workaround for that issue.

That means if there is no driver there won't be any crash :P

But why does SD crashes for GPU restart? Isn't that a bug?