Author Topic: Alchemist to Unity HDRP Height Issues  (Read 1022 times)

I'm having an issue exporting my .sbsar from Alchemist to the Unity HDRP. I'm trying to turn off exporting out the height with it. The height is causing tessellation issues in Unity where it's offsetting my models strangely. However, if I turn off height and re-export the sbsar into Unity, the height map is still there and the mask is now missing.


If you want to use the .sbsar export format, I will redirect this post to the Unity Plugin thread.

In Alchemist, if you choose image formats like .png, you will have a preset "Unity HDRP standard" that will pack your textures to directly fit in Unity HDRP.

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I was hoping to use the .sbsar files directly in Unity so I don't have to recreate all my materials again from the exports. I didn't know if this was a Unity issue or if Alchemist was exporting the .sbsar wrong and labeling the mask as the height when its exported.

The other way I could think to fix this would be to have the ability to disable the height in Unity itself, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.