Author Topic: Seams only visible on metallic material with no easy fix  (Read 980 times)

I've got a low poly model with high poly baked data, and it looks great until I apply a metallic material of any kind. I cannot seem to find a fix or any info on this issue. Should I redo my UVs in an attempt to conceal this, or is there another approach?

The "passthrough healing brush" strategy does not work at all with this issue. The material in the picture I've included is just a fill layer set to a metallic value of 1. Could this have something to do with my normal map/orientation of the UVs? I noticed something like this a while ago while working in a game engine.

Pictures are here:

Thanks for the assistance!

Can you share the mesh?

Here's the low poly:

I've noticed the effect occurs even when the high poly isn't baked. I've been working on changing my UVs to avoid this but I'm wondering if (at least for future projects), there's a way to avoid this behavior? It seems unintended. Or, if there's a way I can fix it within substance.